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Home Delivered Meals

The Home Delivered Meal Program is a program designed to meet the nutritional needs of homebound seniors (60+) who are not able to meet those needs on their own. The program is funded in part through the Older American’s Act, Section IIIC.  IIIC programs are not entitlement programs, meaning there is a limited amount of funds to provide the service.

It is the responsibility of the Roosevelt County Council on Aging (RCCOA) to ensure the available funds are used to serve those who are most medically and economically dependent on the program for their health and wellbeing. It is with this in mind that the RCCOA has developed the following policy to create the largest impact possible with the available resources.  This policy is meant to ensure that all program applicants and recipients are treated fairly and equally when determining need and eligibility.

Please be aware slots are limited and there may be a waiting list. Application is linked below or may be picked up at Roosevelt County Aging Services. Return applications to Roosevelt County Aging Services. 124 Custer St, Wolf Point, MT 59201. 406-653-6221

Culbertson, Poplar, and Wolf Point

Monday-Friday for noon meal

Application with certification by medical provider required

Contact: Julie Bach, Program Coordinator

Roosevelt County Aging Services
124 Custer St
Wolf Point MT 59201

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