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Treasurer’s Office

The office of the Treasurer receives and disburses all monies, as dictated by state law, and records these transactions. The Treasurer, an elected official, reports to the Montana State Department of Revenue on administrative matters while the County Commissioners have budgetary authority. 

The office is divided into two groups. One deals with motor vehicle matters, including registrations, title transfers and applications, and the issuance of temporary stickers and permits. The other serves as the general office for activities including receipts from taxes, fees and intergovernmental transfers. It also processes disbursements, invests funds, maintains bank accounts, seizes tax delinquent property, handles tax protests, and issues moving permits for mobile homes.

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Vehicle Registration

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If titling a vehicle customer will need to be in the office by 4:30 p.m.

Titling paperwork will be sent to the treasurer’s office from your dealer. If you are purchasing from a private individual the following paperwork will be required: Montana Title or Out of State Title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)Copy of loan contract (if applicable)Any other applicable supporting documents. New residents may use a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration from their former state for up to 30 days. It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Montana without valid vehicle liability insurance, certificate of self-insurance or posted indemnity.

Vehicle renewals can be done at the County Treasurer’s office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. by check, cash or credit card, by mail renewal or on the Merlin Online Renewal system. Mail Renewal: Send reminder card from State of MT or registration and $1 per registration mailing fee. To renew with the Online Renewal system have your renewal card or registration available. Tabs and registration receipts will be mailed the following day after correct payment has been received.

The Title & Registration Bureau regulates the issuance of vehicle license plates. The following guidelines and procedures apply:

License plates are issued for a one-year period, by the County Treasurer in the county where the vehicle is subject to tax or fee. As of 2001, license plates for light vehicles (1 ton or less) of any age may be registered for 24 months (2 years), or a permanent registration may be issued for vehicles more than 10 years old. A two year registration costs 2 x 1yr registration, and a permanent registration costs approximately 3 x 1yr registration. Please contact our office for more information.

A vehicle may be operated without plates for a 40-day grace period, before registration, by displaying a 40-day permit issued by a dealer if purchased from a dealer; or a vehicle purchase permit issued by the County Treasurer. Anniversary months for renewal of plates are assigned according to the month in which the vehicle is first registered. The anniversary month is identified by the decal on the license plate. A renewal notice is mailed for passenger vehicles and light trucks on the staggered system. Failure to receive the notice does not relieve the owner of renewal responsibility. License plates stay with the owners and may be transferred to another vehicle ONLY when proper application is made through the County Treasurer's office.

Vehicle owners can choose from several types of license plates.

Standard Plates

The standard plate is issued to all vehicle owners unless other plates are requested. Personalized license plates are available on either the standard plate or on specialized plates, for a fee of $41.50 for the original plate and $10 for each transfer or renewal of that plate.

The County Treasurer will issue standard plates to all vehicle owners unless they request other plates.

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Montana registered trucks and passenger cars must display a license plate on the front and rear of the vehicle with the renewal tab on the rear plate.

Special Plates

The following types of special plates are available:

Amateur Radio Operator Plate, which is available to a vehicle owner who holds an un-revoked and unexpired official amateur radio station license and operator’s license. The additional fee for the plate is a one-time fee of $10. Collector Plate, which is available for use on a vehicle that is more than 30 years old and is used solely as a collector’s item, rather than for general transportation. The additional fee is $20 for vehicles weighing 2,850 pounds or less and $25 for vehicles weighing more. Collegiate License Plates, which depict the name and a special logo for various public and private colleges in Montana. Both two-year and four-year colleges participate in the program. The additional fee is $30, which goes to a scholarship fund at the selected school. Military Plates, which are available in a variety of styles to reflect an individual’s military experience. The bureau issues plates for National Guard members, reservists, military veterans, disabled veterans, former prisoners of war, survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack, persons with disabilities, and veterans who were awarded the Purple Heart. There is an additional fee of $10 to be paid annually for veteran and Purple Heart plates.

License Plate Designs

Please visit the 
Montana Department of Justice - Motor Vehicle Division website here for more information.

Property Taxes

Failure to receive a property tax statement does not exempt the taxpayer from timely payment of the taxes due.

We accept credit card payments through our online payment service. Payments can also be made at the Treasurer’s office and by phone. Failure to receive a property tax statement does not exempt the taxpayer from timely
payment of the taxes due.

Real Estate

First installment due - November 30thSecond installment due - May 31st

Property tax bills are mailed in October of each year to the owner of record, as their name and mailing address appears on the tax roll. The tax roll is prepared and maintained by the State of Montana, Department of Revenue,
Property Assessment Division.

If you have not received a tax statement by November 1st, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 406-653-6260 to request a duplicate statement or to request an address change.Taxes on real estate may be paid in two installments,
the first installment on or before November 30th of each year, the second installment on or before May 31st of the following year. If the first installment is not paid or postmarked on or before November 30th then the
amount of this FIRST INSTALLMENT ONLY becomes delinquent.

If the second installment is not paid or postmarked on or before May 31st, then the amount of this SECOND INSTALLMENT ONLY becomes delinquent. When either installment becomes delinquent a penalty of 2% will be immediately
added, together with interest at the rate of 10% per annum, until paid. BOTH INSTALLMENTS MAY BE PAID AT ONE TIME, on or before November 30th, if so desired.

Your property may qualify for Property Tax Assistance Program, this may include: Property Tax Assistance Disable or Deceased Veteran’s Residential Exemption, the Extended Property Tax Assistance Program and/or Elderly
Homeowner’s Tax Credit. Contact the Montana Department of Revenue at(406) 228-6236 for further information.

Personal Property Taxes

Due within 30 days after the notice is mailed.

Taxes on personal property are paid in one payment.  The treasurer must within 30 days after the notice is mailed to the taxpayer, collect same by seizure and sale of property if tax is not paid. If not paid
within 30 days the tax becomes delinquent and a 2% penalty and 10% interest per annum must be added.

Mobile Home Taxes

First installment due - May 31stSecond installment due - November 30th

If not paid or postmarked by 5 pm on the due date the tax becomes delinquent and a 2% penalty and 10% interest per annum must be added.

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