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Immunization Information for Respiratory Season 2023-24

Influenza, RSV, and COVID-19 Protection for the Upcoming Respiratory Season Available from the Roosevelt County Health Department.

Influenza Season is fast approaching, and the Roosevelt County Health Department (RCHD) vaccination clinics are planned throughout the county.  Shipments of the flu vaccine have slowly begun to arrive.  Our first vaccination clinic will take place in Wolf Point on October 17th at the Roosevelt County Conference Room from 1-4 pm. 

 This year the county health department will be partnering with the Care Van Program to provide vaccination services to out-lying communities in Roosevelt County.  Our traveling vaccination clinics will bring Flu and RSV Vaccine to the following locations:

Monday, October 30th – Froid School 9-11 am & Froid Community Center 1-3 pm

Tuesday, October 31st – Culbertson School 9-11 am & Culbertson County Building 1-3 pm

Wednesday, November 1st – Wolf Point Schools:  South 8:30 – 10  North 11-12:30  Jr/Sr High 1:30-3

Thursday, November 2nd – Bainville School 9-11 am & Bainville Senior Center 1-3 pm

Tuesday, November 14th – Brockton School 9-11 am & Poplar Catholic Church 1-3 om

Wednesday, November 15th – Frontier School 9-11 am and Albertsons parking lot 1-3 pm

Thursday, November 16th – Poplar School 9-11 am and Albertsons parking lot 1-3 pm


RSV vaccine may be given to adults 60 years and older at our Flu vaccination Clinics.  The respiratory syncytial virus is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms in most individuals.  Most people will usually recover in a week or two, but it can be serious for older adults leading to hospitalization.  These vaccinations will be available beginning October 1, 2023.


Infants under 8 months and older children with certain risks can receive monoclonal antibodies for protection during this respiratory season.  This medication will be available at RCHD beginning October 1, 2023.


The new updated COVID shots will be available at RCHD only, not at the Care Van sites.   The vaccine is designed to target the current circulating variant of COVID-19.  The COVID-19 vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months and older and is anticipated to be arriving soon at our department. 


This information on time and places of the vaccination clinics will be posted throughout the communities along with being advertised in the papers and on the radio.  For questions, please contact us at 406-653-6223.


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